Entertainment Events

Freckle Farm Pony Rides and Petting Zoo
The Freckle Farm pony rides will be the most beautiful pony ride your child has ever experienced.  Our family’s ponies are known throughout the southwest for their beauty and their wonderful dispositions. Safety, professionalism and impeccable animal care, is what makes the Freckle Farm Pony Ride a living merry-go-round of fun. From the moment our courteous personnel great you...
Conjurer Fortune Machine
In May of 2011, Robert Smith, then a magician, was exhibiting at the Florida Federation of Fairs and Livestock Shows annual convention. Dissatisfied with his show, Robert sought a unique way to entertain people. One that would be both a creative challenge, and enjoyable to perform. Richard Renner, a fellow performer suggested Robert design a...
Coffey Anderson Concert/Rodeo Dance
September 14, 2018
Coffey grew up in the small town of Bangs, Texas. His father worked at the local jail and his mother was a junior high English teacher. He attended a small town college and borrowed a guitar from a then girlfriend’s dad. Learning chords in his dorm room and singing would attract his fellow college students...
Play with Giants
Play with Giants brings families and friends together. Our company created Play with Giants to give guests at our client’s events a place to play and have fun together. Whether a young son is still trying to beat his mom at chess, or if a group of friends wants to take on the Tumble Tower...
Louie Foxx
Louie Foxx is the consummate kid that never grew up and it’s evident as you watch him interact with audiences of all age. He is living his childhood dream of being a magician. As a kid he realized that he excelled at all of the things that adults told him were a waste of time....
Freckle Farm Pony Rides & Petting Zoo
Family owned and operated since 1984, the Freckle Farm Pony Rides and Petting Zoo will be the highlight of Navajo County Fair for your youngsters.
Conjurer Fortune Machine
Inspired by the Tom Hanks film, Big, Conjurer Fortune Machine is a classic automatic fortune machine with a live action twist.