Navajo County Fair Governing Boards

88th Annual Navajo County Fair logo (image)

Volunteer Efforts Make for Success

The county fair is the result of many hours of volunteer efforts by the Navajo County Fair, Inc. Board of Directors. Their commitment and dedication is evident with the quantity of this year’s exhibits and events.  We hope you will express your appreciation to those who make the event a success.

Navajo County Board of Supervisors

Lee Jack Sr., District I

Jesse Thompson, District II

Jason Whiting, District III

Steve Williams, Chairman, District IV

Dawnafe Whitesinger, District V

2019 Board of Directors

Mike Sample, President

Rusty DeSpain, Vice-President

Marshall Losey, Secretary

Anna Amos, Treasurer

Ginnie Arthur, Member

J.R. DeSpain, Member

Wes DeSpain, Member

Bill Elkins, Member

Steve Gouker, Member

Clarke Jones, Member

Redgie Justman, Member

Patrick Kennedy, Member

Jason Lewis, Member

Marlene Sample, Member

Heather Scott, Member

Chad Senff, Member

Valerie Slade, Member

Leah Thomas, Member

Paul Van Zelf, Member

Jennifer Wilbanks, Member

Hoby Wilhelm, Member

Navajo County Fair Staff

Michele Stock,
Manager & Event Director

Jose Villarreal,
Fairgrounds Foreman