We Couldn't Do It Without You

The Navajo County Fair Board of Directors is grateful to all community members who volunteer their time to help with our annual fair and rodeo. We couldn’t do it without you!

While our volunteers contribute their time for a variety of reasons, all are important members of the Navajo County Fair & Rodeo team. Every volunteer is a county fair ambassador who represents the fair to the public.

The Navajo County Fair Board of Directors would like to thank the following volunteer groups who have helped make this year’s fair possible:  APS, Painted Desert Kiwanis Club, Navajo County, Navajo County Sheriff’s Department, City of Holbrook, Bank of the West, White Mountain Independent, Hashknife Sheriff’s Posse, Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo, Navajo County Jr. Livestock, Navajo County 4-H, Jose Villarreal and his crew, Navajo County Rodeo crew,  Little Buckaroo Rodeo crew, and the Open Class crew.

To future volunteers—welcome to our great team!