Rodeo Pre-Show

The Navajo County Fair board of directors welcomes you to the 88th Annual Navajo County Fair & Rodeo!

On Friday, gates open at 6 PM, pre-show begins at 7 PM, and the rodeo directly follows at 7:30 PM.

On Saturday, gates open at 4:30 PM, pre-show begins at 6 PM, and the rodeo directly follows at 6:30 PM.

Get ready for the 1st ever Navajo County Championship Keg Race! Sponsored by Cowboys & Kisses, this event is sure to thrill! Twelve cowboys will sit on a keg and, at the signal, jump on their trusty steed, race around a barrel at end of arena, and get back to the kegs as fast as they can go! But wait, just like musical chairs, one keg has been taken away! The last man standing is the winner of a champion buckle and
added money!

Map of the Navajo County Fairgrounds

Navajo County Fairgrounds map (image)
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