Conjurer Fortune Machine

Conjurer Fortune Machine (image)

In May of 2011, Robert Smith, then a magician, was exhibiting at the Florida Federation of Fairs and Livestock Shows annual convention. Dissatisfied with his show, Robert sought a unique way to entertain people. One that would be both a creative challenge, and enjoyable to perform.

Richard Renner, a fellow performer suggested Robert design a fortune teller booth similar to the Zoltar Speaks (TM, Characters Unlimited), from the movie Big.

Robert took convincing. Renner and their mutual agent at the time, Mark Sparks, both said Robert needed to create the act. Sparks added a deadline and told Robert if he didn’t create the fortune booth by then, he’d take it and do it himself.

To create a prop that would be road worthy, Robert enlisted the help of his father, Walter Smith, who brought with him almost 6 decades of wood working experience.

In July 2012, Conjurer Fortune Machine debuted at the Ohio State Fair. Then a black box with purple, green and gold paint on it, Robert would perform a magic trick for each person who approached.

Robert’s approach to developing the act was organic. He allowed audiences across the country to dictate what Conjurer would become. In 2014, Robert finalized that character development process, 26 months after Conjurer made its debut in Ohio.

Today the act is so well put together that many people walking by Conjurer Fortune Machine can’t tell whether the character is actually a machine or a real person.

Two appearances daily.

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  • Start Date
    September 12, 2019
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    September 14, 2019
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